10 March 2013

|The Neon Trend|
Love it or hate it?
For a very long time I'd resisted liking the whole neon trend. I was always sure you'd either love it or hate it and there was no place in between. I realise now that it has something to do with the way people wear it. Most people overdo it, and now I know that Neon can actually look very chic and trendy but it's best worn understated. You have to put in some serious thought before wearing any neon piece. My favourite pieces are neon accessories since even if you're a little colour shy a neon necklace or a clutch could really spice up your outfit without making everyone's eyes hurt! 

Happy with my first Neon accessory!

Celebrities that managed to rock The Neon Trend:


My final advice:

quote that gives the best advice on how to manage The Neon Trend that I came across on another blog:

Neon is like tequila. 
  A little bit really makes a party. 
  But too much of it and you're easily a hot mess